Notebook 4 | Random Deep Thought 2 . . .

…from sitting on the couch: One of our biggest weaknesses occurs when we allow our selfish emotions to override our intelligence in a fundamentally negative way. Especially for reasons that are exclusively self-serving, dismissing the fact that we share this planet…this life…with others.


Notebook 3 | Random Deep Thought 1 . . .

…from the shower: The main thing about being an adult…mentally…emotionally…hell, physically too…is accepting that things will never ever be as they once were. That begs the question: Why the hell did I decide to become one?

The Rucker Report: Week 4, 2015 – Becoming More Submissive


It’s been a few weeks since the Ruckster has posted one o’ these writing updates, but I promise I’ve been busy tending to many things writing, and…Hello. Greetings from the snow-sprinkled lands of Central Indiana.

So Operation: Remember Me? is truly underway here in the year 2015. Three weeks in the can and I’ve submitted three offspring of literary works, though, to be fair, two of those were not what we in the, ahem, industry would call submissions on spec.  And I’ve already rescinded one of those, a flash fiction (I have different plans for it), so left remaining is the first online publication of the poem “Dream a Little Scream of Me”, the dark poem originally published in Dreams and Screams in 2010 as the intro to the antho. It’s now available to read at QuarterReads, and for the very small token of a mere quarter, you can actually read the thing, if you’re so kind and inclined.

As for the third piece, it’s never seen the light of publication, its only daylight being that it was posted in one of the private virtual offices at the Zoetrope Virtual Studio some five years back. Side note: someday I’ll get tired of saying things happened years ago, but, then again, I suppose it’s better to have experience to which to refer to, than having none at all. So I guess I’ll zip it on that. At any rate, I don’t have a stated timeframe on when I can expect to hear back on this particular submission, though I have a feeling it will be soonish. Details as they emerge.

I say all of the above to say that it’s time I become more submissive, meaning I need to be submitting works, old and new, to promising new and untapped literary markets. Part of that package deal is also anticipating and rolling with rejection, recovering from it and pushing onward still. This, of course, is in conjunction with the other crucial part of Operation: Remember Me? which is the self-publishing and digitization of out-of-print works that are in danger of being long lost and forgotten. A listing of those works are as follows:

  • “Pieces of Candice” (horror)
  • “All Things Considered” (literary)
  • “Shard” (horror)
  • “On Shadowy Ground” (YA horror)
  • “Finder Kept” (dark fantasty/sci-fi)
  • “The Underneath” (bizarro horror) – see the recently designed cover for that one here
  • “All in a Day’s Work” (bizarro humor)
  • “Call of Duty: A Cop’s Tale” (suspense)

Of course, there’s a handful of other works primed for submission, or nearly so. Conversely these are dwarfed by the number of works-in-progress, but that’s a good ‘problem’  to have for a working, progressive-minded author.

In other current events, I have taken the initial steps in launching a new pen name for the more feminine and sensual leanings of my muse. I will probably keep that particular pseudonym anonymous for a minimum of a year, maybe more. It’s an experiment and the outcome of it is something I have a strong belief in. Launching it involves setting up social networking profiles, a blog and the like. It will be weird operating in that kind of duality, but one must do what one must. Among all that will be continued cover design work for the coming e-books on Smashwords (for me and ‘her’) and another pass at configuring this here website to make into what it ultimately needs to be, despite certain limitations.

And now I suppose I should get back to juggling all of my spinning plates.

Until next time…Be well. Be merry. Be better.



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Journal Juice 6 | The Great Retreat

There are days when I am very thankful for the advent of social media and networking. As an info junkie it keeps me informed, and as a sometimes social butterfly I flit from flower to flower a few times a day to achieve a semblance of a social life, which is an activity that happens to be in lieu of more tangible interactions with actual, touchable, acquainted and friendly human beings. However, often I contemplate receding from social media and fully embracing what would be a truly hermitic existence, the company of my nuclear family notwithstanding, of course. To what benefit, one might wonder? Hmm. I can only imagine the amount of writing I could get done. Perhaps some time better spend reading books? Playing my shamefully neglected guitars? Actually sit my restless self down to watch movies, like old times? Catch up on sleep? Study the culinary arts? The most rewarding of all those things, of course, is the writing. While in retreat I could simply create a surrogate reality with my ability to put words into sentences, combine sentences into paragraphs and arrange paragraphs into pages as I create stories. Were I on some kind of great retreat, say, on a remote island with nothing even coming close to resembling the din of urban noise, or the virtual white noise of social media — yes, I would write stories to fill that void. And, I suppose, I’d also do a great deal of reading and listening to music. These are three of my most favorite things to do when on my own and not punching into a someone else’s clock. The commonality between that triad of activities is that their occupation of one’s time is most optimal away from the larger world, in solitude.


Listened: Daughter, Sean Lennon, Angus & Julia Stone


The Rucker Report: Week 0, 2015 – Big Fat New Year’s Update

28368403-vector-silhouette-of-a-man-sitting-at-a-computer-on-a-white-backgroundWell, hello there 2015. Already you look more attractive than 2014. You’re younger and full of so much promise, you’ve yet to disappointment. Yeah, yeah, it’s only Day One, but, hey, we’re off to a good start. Let’s not sully things with early cynicism. There is, as I write this, sunshine on this glorious first day of the New Year.

Greetings, and good day to you all, wherever you may be. This is the Internet, so we can pretend we’re all in a big room together as well, sharing this moment.

I trust everyone had a merry and happy holiday season. I got one big gift from the wife and it is one of those things that will only add to my distraction.

Where to begin? First, I must say I am fully recalibrated and primed to take 2015 by storm with some artistic production. On the music front, talks for a potential new band are underway, and on the fiction side o’ things, Operation: Remember Me? (I just thought to call it that just now) gets underway with the re-publishing of previously published work. There’s also the finishing of many works-in-progress. I’m going to launch a rather temporarily anonymous pen name in February to publish the naughtier side of my fiction. Additionally, I may be taking on a ghostwriting assignment for someone who is terminally ill. Coincidentally that opportunity has arisen just as I was starting to contemplate collaborating on a writing project with another writer. It’s been some time since I’d done that and coming across pervious unrealized collab projects has me thinking it’d be a welcomed endeavor at this point.

What else is going on? Ah, the concept of community. I’ve recently reconnected with several of my writer friends. I do so miss the days when we we’re all in the same virtual space online, supporting each other with inspiration, wisdom and influence. Writing is a very solitary occupation and if you don’t have a connection to your audience (provided you even have one), the next best thing is the company of your kindred spirits because, well, misery loves company and all us writers and creative people are in some way or another a rather miserable lot, right?

So, what else needs addressing here? The Ruckerpedia Archival Initiative has taken to the sideline while I handle a bunch of administrative duties that a lonesome author must process (really, there are so many tasks to tackle along with the actual writing work, it’s insane). So, the under-construction pages remain so at this time. But as I continue to make this my primary online ‘home’, more declassified Rucker Files are surely forthcoming. At some point I will be getting around to a new personal initiative I have for 2015 that I’m calling The New 500 (which naturally plays in to Write-or-Flight). It may be March before that truly happens, but we’ll see. A new Station Ident will be forthcoming. Shamelessly inspired by Warren Ellis, I had fun doing the last one. I think I’ll probably do them monthly or whenever. Oh, and if you haven’t been, please do like and follow my little blog Hello, Blank Page — it’s my little online notebook of all new words of the creative non-fiction variety, if you will.

While constructing this update I had a flurry of emails and notifications to respond to and now the late afternoon has ceded to early evening. That sound you hear? Yeah, I’ve hardly eaten today, so one must go out to hunt and gather.

Before I go I just want to say that I hope we all get the chance to do everything positive we can to make sure this year is better than the last.

Be well. Be merry. Be better.



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