Station Identification

Station ID - Dec 2014

Here at Ruckerpedia things are constantly changing because we (the staff of one) believe in continuous improvement, which means we are always working to make this place more inviting and hospitable. Recently the Fiction – Micro wing was been furnished, so be sure to check that out. There are seven pieces archived there, each under 400 words. Next on the agenda is moving furniture into these other rather empty and pitiful wings of this dreadful manor: Fiction – Flash, Fiction – Excerpts, Journalism, Lyrics/Poetry as well as maybe adding some end tables and futons to the Music lounge (actually what it really needs is a jukebox. We’ll get right on that). At some point the Bylines and Covers wings will be combined into one. That last wing on the end there, Notebook, will get more carpet laid here and there from time to time, but really, the best place to catch that traction is over at Hello, Blank Page.

Other than that, if you need to reach the always on-the-go staff, you can do so with the best ease on Twitter @RuckerWrites.

Be well. Be merry. Stay warm. Happy Monday.

This is Ruckerpedia (duh!).




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