Journal Juice 5 | Identity

I am not who I want to be. Does that mean I am not who I am supposed to be? I do not know. I only know that I am not who I envisioned myself to be according to the fantasies and daydreams from today and yesterday, even going all the way back to my … Continue reading Journal Juice 5 | Identity


Cover Art: The Underneath

So I'm dusting off my very limited cover-making skills and this is the first test subject. "The Underneath" was published a couple of years back in the bizarro print anthology compiled by fellow writer/editor Joe Jablonsky, entitled Like Frozen Statues of Flesh. The plan at this point is to re-publish the story in digital/e-book form for the first time, via … Continue reading Cover Art: The Underneath

The Rucker Report: Week 51, 2014

 I have a bunch of stories that need homes. That means I have much work to do in the New Year (and prior to it). Hello and good day to you all. As I write this the sun is finally shining. A bit of irony in that tidbit is that today is also the Winter … Continue reading The Rucker Report: Week 51, 2014

Dream a Little Scream of Me

This poem was originally featured in the speculative fiction and poetry print anthology Dreams and Screams, published by Liquid Imagination Magazine in mid 2010. I wrote it in December of 2009 around the same time I wrote a couple of other little spec-fic poems that will show up on this site soon. I had a great … Continue reading Dream a Little Scream of Me

Journal Juice 4 | Noise

I remain in awe of those – particularly writers, but any creative folk – who can effectively eliminate the Noise with even just a modicum of success. External. And Internal. Noise is generally that thing that imposes itself within the path of the Muse. External Noise is, at least for me, all that goes on … Continue reading Journal Juice 4 | Noise

Update: Getting There…

Ah! That feeling you get after the first time you re-read an old story of your own that you had previously put aside for a long spell. That just happened moments ago. The only thing is this particular story is heavy on the bizarre and I'm not sure what the bizzaro market is like these days for … Continue reading Update: Getting There…

Journal Juice 3 | When Words Fail

There are some moments…and days…when nothing you say comes out right and nothing you write reads articulate. In other words, there will be times when your most useful tool fails you. When that happens, should you speak anyway only to at some point find yourself eating your misspoken words? Should you write anyway, knowing that … Continue reading Journal Juice 3 | When Words Fail