ADVICE: Be a Peformer and Write Like a Boss

Full disclosure: Yes, I am the furthest thing from a writing "expert", however that won't stop me from sharing my own personal insight on the matter. I've said it elsewhere in writing workshops and online studios, and I've said it here: (most) writing is performance art. Why? Because it is done with the notion that … Continue reading ADVICE: Be a Peformer and Write Like a Boss


UPDATE: Nostalgia is a Mother. . .

So this past week was one filled with nostalgia and painful reminders. Nostalgic in the sense that I spent a great deal of time digging through both my musical archive and my fiction archive. I suppose composing and performing music as well as fiction writing are probably the two creative things I do best, but … Continue reading UPDATE: Nostalgia is a Mother. . .

LINKAGE: Brandon Rucker’s YouTube Channel

Known affectionately by its creator as "RuckerTube", the Brandon Rucker YouTube Channel is now live for primetime, anytime viewing/listening. You may as well subscribe because your favorite washed-up musician is going to be adding a ton of stuff for your audio-visual consumption during the coming days and weeks. Enjoy! LINKAGE:

EVENT: Fathers Day in August

Fathers Day comes four times a year for me and today marks the 20th anniversary of the day I became a father for the first time. At 2:46 PM to be exact. So this post is in honor of that very special event and milestone in my life. That is all.

LINKAGE: Ian MacKaye interview – “If You Want To Rebel Against Society, Don’t Dull The Blade”

A must hear/read audio and text interview with D-i-Y punk legend Ian MacKaye (The Evens, Fugazi, Embrace, Minor Threat, Teen Idles) of Washington D.C.'s Dischord Records, who is undeniably one of my musical heroes. Special thanks to P Sycho Sunshine Matthias for the heads-up linkage.