LINKAGE: Liquid Imagination #18 is Live

For nearly four years I have been proudly associated with a unique little webzine called Liquid Imagination. The latest issue, #18 just recently went live.

It’s the first issue since #5 (Jan 2010) to not have my input in regards to content. This is bittersweet. 2013’s been a doozy of a year and I recently made the agonizing decision to relinquish my position as Flash Fiction Editor to the incoming Christa Angelios who has assumed the editorial duties for the flash fiction section.
I didn’t always edit flash fiction, though. I started out as the Music Coordinator, producing original musical for the zine for issues #5-7, which truly gave us our uniqueness, before I moved onto editing flash fiction, an art form I’ve been obsessed with since the late 1990s. I’d also do an interview here, an article there. But for me flash fiction (my preferred criteria: stories of 800 words or less) was where it was at for me. It was never an easy job selecting the best, and I’ve always said the worst part of being an editor, especially when you’re a writer yourself, is rejecting submissions and relaying that bad news to another author.
I’m confident Christa will do a fine job in her new role, but most importantly, Publisher, Designer & Managing Editor Sue “MVP” Babcock had the faith in enlisting Ms. Angelios when she knew I needed a break. Liquid Imagination is still a class publication, which is also lovingly produced by Fiction Editor Kevin Wallis, Poetry Editor Chrissy Davis and Voice Narrator Robert C. Eccles. With Mrs. Babcock’s leadership and our individual visions over the last couple of years, LI has managed to carve quite a niche for itself as an online publisher of poetry, speculative, literary and flash fiction, as evident by the ever-increasing slush pile we’d amass every reading period.
So, make sure you check out LI, which updates on a quarterly basis in August, November, February and May.

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