UPDATE: Brandon Rucker – Back & Better Than Ever

Heh. I figure if Mike and Mike can be “back and better than ever” after each of their breaks, then I may as well be back at my best too.

At any rate. Hello. It’s been a dog’s age but the prodigal son of the blog has returned. Even if no one demanded it. But why, if no one’s screaming from rooftops for such an event? Selfish reasons, of course. Yet honorable, I suppose, at least for a writer. And that’s what I am — I’m a writer. Twenty years, now with the proverbial stop-and-go that one with too many creative interests tends to be prone to.

The point is, writers write. Daily. However, for a bevy of reasons (legit and otherwise), I’ve gotten away from serious writing. I’d all but abandoned my fiction (until recently). The plan was also to kill this blog and publish everything creative and business-wise through my personal dot com, but that website is still under construction (contractors needed – j/k). This past winter I stopped writing my semi-professional column covering the comic book industry for eXPress News & Reviews. I even just recently surrendered my post as one of the Short Story Editors over at Liquid Imagination. Quite simply I just have not been writing, at least not in a disciplined manner and certainly not in journalistic or creative ways.

In a cheap, fast-food kind of way, I settled for a semi-daily writing subsistence on Twitter. But Twitter is exactly that — cheap and fast. And oh-so limited with its mandated truncated parameters, it simply does not suffice. Especially for a somewhat wordy bastich like yours most true. And really, as a social networking tool, I used it more to geek out with fellow geeks than for any semblance of a creative outlet. Yet in the back of my mind I always knew I had this baby just sitting unused in its dark remote corner of the Internet.

So, yeah, I’m back. More than likely on some kind of irregular though semi-daily basis. There’s that delicate balance of not forcing it yet staying dedicated. The About section above breaks down the content to be featured here. And if you’re new to the program, have a read of the About the Writer gadget and have a look around. A special thanks to those of you who tried to keep this blog alive with your periodical visits over the past year and a half of inactivity (and yeah, some of you landed here by accident — sorry!).

I’ll be back later with some current events. Live well and be swell.


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