BOOK: Love and Rockets – The Covers (Fantagraphics)

For the love of quality comics, this (as with pretty much any Love and Rockets book) is an obvious must-have!Love and Rockets - The Covers video & photo slideshow


LINKAGE: Saga 10 Years From Now @ Bleeding Cool

Why We Are Going To Be Even More Obsessed With Saga Ten Years From Now by Hannah Means-Shannon.Hannah Means-Shannon is the Senior New York Correspondent for Bleeding Cool. She writes blogs about comics for Trip City and Follow her on Twitter @hannahmenzies.

NEW MUSIC + VIDEOS: Carcass Brings Polished "Surgical Steel"

It's a good thing I don't have a whole lot of time prior to making this post because otherwise I would be gushing incoherently, going on and on about how historical and momentous it is that after 17 years those boys from Liverpool, England's Carcass are finally releasing a new album on September 17th in … Continue reading NEW MUSIC + VIDEOS: Carcass Brings Polished "Surgical Steel"

SHOUT-OUT: Formative Years Roll Call!

Back in 1989 when dinosaurs roamed, 24 years ago this month I formed my first band, a little garage band called Metatrosity (with the C converted to an S for a better looking logo). That little metal band somehow created a 6-degrees of separation kind of family tree that included so many other local Indianapolis, … Continue reading SHOUT-OUT: Formative Years Roll Call!


One of two highly anticipated new albums for me in 2013 is Kiss Land by The Weeknd (Canadian-born Abel Tesfaye and his array of producers). Coming off the success of 2012's triple-disc feature Trilogy (and the 2011 "mixtape" albums that it compiles) along with a break-out world tour, September 10th will bring the dark-themed r&b soul … Continue reading NEW MUSIC + VIDEO: THE WEEKND’s "Kiss Land"

READER: New To My Bookshelves

So as a person with a severe book fetish and addiction, I've been hitting up the library a lot more frequently this summer than the rest of the year. Two easy reasons for that: One - I'm currently unemployed; the body may be somewhat "at rest" at home, but the mind absolutely must stay active. … Continue reading READER: New To My Bookshelves