Call for Submissions: In Honor of Chuck “C.D.” Turner

Static Movement publisher/editor Chris Bartholomew has recently announced the tragic untimely passing of her brother and fellow anthology editor C.D. Turner. Her announcement follows:

“My brother, C. D. Turner (Chuck) went to Sturgis. He was very happy to be going. He had a wreck on August 5th and died August 7th. Chuck loved working with the writers and said editing the two books was the best thing that ever happened in his life. Please pray for the family. We will continue to take submissions for this book and publish it for Chuck’s daughter and son. Submissions will now come to me at”

One of his anthologies is What is New is Old Again – A Steampunk Anthology. It has a very nice cover.

You can learn more on the Static Movement message board.
Fiction writers of prose, new and expeienced: if you have a story that is of a steampunk nature and to which you own the rights, please consider submitting it for this anthology. Or write an all-new story. Your efforts will be great appreciated by Chris, Chuck and their family.

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