Newish Music: “Broken Hands” by Lamb of God remixed by Dichotomous

In case anyone missed the world premiere of this yesterday, here be the first Dichotomous + Lamb of God mashup where I take their song “Broken Hands” from their 2009 album Wrath, remove the original guitar parts and replace them with my own guitar (and bass) parts to go along with Chris Adler‘s drums and D. Randall Blythe‘s vocals.

Some background on this little project: I had been listening to the individual studio tracks from my favorite metal band’s Wrath album (which are called ‘stems’ and came on a USB stick in the special edition of the album), and while listening to the drums all by themselves I got to thinking that it would be a cool and fun challenge to come up with original guitar parts to someone’s drum beats, well, Adler’s drums in particular since I had them in my possession. Maybe even make a recording project out of it. So after consulting with Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton (also the co-writer of the song in question) on Twitter to make sure it was perfectly legal to do, I got inspired and even more serious about it. I needed to get back into my studio soon to work on some theme music for another project anyways, so this would be a perfect warm up.

After writing new guitar parts on July 26 going into the 27th that I felt went perfectly with Mr. Adler’s drums, I came to realize that something was missing. It just didn’t sound full and complete, even with bass guitar added. Then a light went off and I went ahead and inserted Randy’s vocal tracks as an experiment, see how well (or bad) it went along with my guitar parts. Turns out, Mr. Blythe’s vocals fit the template of the original song so well (duh!) that they sounded GREAT even with my guitar parts, which also fit the song template well (if I say so myself).

Thus, it was only fair to call this new thing, a true hybrid of Lamb of God and my metal project Dichotomous, “Broken Hands” – the Dichotomous Remix.

Almost feels like I am part of the band. I can tell my grandkids, “Yeah, I played with Lamb of God” back in the olden times. Heh.


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