Promo: A Short Story & A Novel By Bob Thurber

Bob Thurber, a friend and regular subject on this program, has two things worthy of your attention. First is a new short story of his called “Shingles: A Memoir (circa 1960)” over at Brooklyner, which I myself am anxious to read as it’s one of the few published works of his that I have yet to consume.

Second, he is running a One week only – 25% off Kindle Version of Paperboy: A Dysfunctional Novel, his debut novel which was released this past May.

Help me support a great man who just also happens to be a great writer.



Delayed Announcement: My New Online Writing Gig

Because I am insane and also because writers write — right? — I have accepted a new online writing gig of a more journalistic nature as I am/will be writing editorial  columns for (which is a compensated gig). is a retailer website for the brick-and-mortar store of the same name in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Yeah, I know, it’s not fiction, but writers write, right?
For EC my weekly columnist blog is called Proferssor Brand-X. Two installments, #0 & #1 have already posted.

Check it out if you want to read a comic book enthusiast getting his geek on.

Update: I Got Nothing (Yet)

Could it be a crime that I’m too busy to truly update and add content to this blog? Being “too busy” can be a good problem to have, right? Additionally, my eldest child turns 17 this weekend. So I’m too busy AND . . . old!

I’ll certainly have do a better job of this sometime later. Lots going on. I should get back to it.

Update: Busy Boy

Yeah, so, I’ve been a bit absent around these parts of late, but not because I’m slacking. Quite the contrary. Seems my social networking has paid off and new pursuits and opportunities have yielded much work. Perhaps someday these new pursuits will impact the old pursuits.

I’ll do a fuller update later in the week. Much work yet still to do.

But first, I surrender to my great nemesis, my long-lost frenemy: sleep.

Call for Submissions: In Honor of Chuck "C.D." Turner

Static Movement publisher/editor Chris Bartholomew has recently announced the tragic untimely passing of her brother and fellow anthology editor C.D. Turner. Her announcement follows:

“My brother, C. D. Turner (Chuck) went to Sturgis. He was very happy to be going. He had a wreck on August 5th and died August 7th. Chuck loved working with the writers and said editing the two books was the best thing that ever happened in his life. Please pray for the family. We will continue to take submissions for this book and publish it for Chuck’s daughter and son. Submissions will now come to me at”

One of his anthologies is What is New is Old Again – A Steampunk Anthology. It has a very nice cover.

You can learn more on the Static Movement message board.
Fiction writers of prose, new and expeienced: if you have a story that is of a steampunk nature and to which you own the rights, please consider submitting it for this anthology. Or write an all-new story. Your efforts will be great appreciated by Chris, Chuck and their family.

Teaser Image: Astonishing X-Men #44 Cover by Mike McKone

Ororo Monroe (Storm) & Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Ororo is married to a rather powerful fella most known and feared as T’Challa the Black Panther.

Scott is in a long-term relationship with one Emma Frost, formerly the White Queen of the old villainous Hellfire Club, but has been on the side of the mutant angels for nearly 20 years, and Mr. Summer’s lover for about a decade or so.

There’s a major storyline called X-Men: Schism going on right now that will rip the X-Men’s ranks asunder, pitting them on two very different sides of the Marvel Universe mutant plight.

Looks like after that event there will be some shenanigans, among everything else.

Make of it what you will.

History: Fantastic Four #1 Published by Marvel Comics 50 Years Ago Today

Released fifty long years ago today – August 8, 1961 – was the very first issue of  Fantastic Four #1 (cover dated November) from Marvel Comics. This book gets much historical respect for launching the Marvel Universe during the Silver Age of comic books.

Created by Stan Lee (plot/dialogue) and Jack Kirby (plot/art)