Quick Combo Update: What’s Happening

Item 1 – Silver Pen Midwest Summitt

Gotta boogie today as I have a bunch of things to do before I traverse the interstate to northern-central Illinois for the first ever Silver Pen Writers’ Associaion Midwest Summitt. Essentially we’re just getting started and we’ve got ton of things to get to on our agenda list, so plenty of talking and planning…and camping? Yeah. Been seven years since I last camped. At least there’s very little risk of a cold morning this time.

Item 2 – Like Frozen Statues of Flesh

The lastest anthology to feature my fiction (two pieces, actually), Like Frozen Statues of Flesh, a bizarro anthology published by Static Movement, is now available at the Pill Hill Press Shoppe. It was compiled and edited by jumpin’ Joe Jablonski. He was kind enough to accept both my stories “All In a Days Work” and “The Underneath” (funds have been deposited into your Swiss bank account, Joe, as agreed). The book should be available at Amazon soon as well.

Item 3 – Local Heroes is in Editing (still)
The anthology I’ve compiled to be published by Static Movement next month is currently being edited, proofed, re-edited and formatting by me. I estimate this process will take me to the end of the month. After which of sending it off to be published, I will then move on to selecting and editing flash fiction for the next issue of Liquid Imagination.

Item 4 – Announcement: Tooth and Claw
I only mentioned it in passing in a previous update, but never officially announced it. I will be providing originally composed, performed, and recorded theme music (produced by yours truly), as well as a kind of spoken word introduction (think Vincent Price) for the enhanced e-book Tooh and Claw: A Werewolf Anthology, to be published by my crew at Liquid Imagination. Enchanced means that it will contain audio (aformentioned music, spoken word, plus story narration), as well as thematic artwork for each story. I’ve seen the early cover designs and although I can’t reveal that yet, I really like what I’m seeing. This will likely be available for a variety of e-readers. Those details are being analyzed and reviewed now. We are aiming for a Fall (October) release for this in time for Halloween, but we’ll see how things go.
Item 5 – A Journalistic Future?
It seems that going after something on a whim can sometimes pay off. It appears that I may be entering the realm of pop culture journalism (well, topical editorials, columns, reviews and the like) soon for a rather up and coming website. There is a primary pop/geek cultural focus to this website, but believe me I will fit in just fine. More on this pretty soon, I would imagine.
I think that’s all the info I can squeeze in at the moment. I need to get a move on and hit the road soon. Will probably have spotty web access this weekend as we wild it in the wildeness of Illinois.

(no time to spot check this, so apologies for any times that exist. I’ll fix them later)


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