Found Art Friday: Zealot by Jim Lee

This week’s Found Art Friday continues the comic book theme of last week’s with a quickie sketch of Zealot (of WildCats fame) by her creator Jim Lee on the cintiq, which he tweeted last night on Twitter. Jim Lee is hands down my favorite comic book creator because of his immense talent and skill in character creation/design, draftsmanship and storytelling, ever since he started drawing the X-Men for Marvel Comics in 1989, and most especially during his WildStorm years in the 90s, which yielded this great character:

Upon seeing this image last night a brief exchanged ensued on Twitter between Mr. Lee and I (edited for punctuation).
@jimlee00 Thanks for this. I love me some Zealot. Miss her. Back in the day Grifter and her were hands down my favorite characters, w/ Backlash
@jimlee00 Oh, and Deathblow, of course. Your creations, stories and art brought great entertainment to my formative years. Much ❤ and respect.
@ruckerwrites Thanks, I appreciate your kind words immensely.
One of the coolest things about Twitter is communicating directly with those you’ve looked up to who were previously unapproacable by default.

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