Bedtime Story: “Pieces of Candice” by Brandon L.Rucker

Want some dark reading before you go nite-nite? Well, I’ve got a story for you that I think you’ll like if you dig your Edgar Allan Poe mixed with a touch of F. Paul Wilson, or Ramsey Campbell, or Clive Barker, or Stephen King. Yeah, Poe & King might be the main ingredients in this sick soup of a psychological horror story that is “Pieces of Candice”. It’s one of my oldest, darkets, sickest and most unapologetic tales ever told (and I hope to never write something like it ever again, heh-heh).

Excerpt (from the intro):
Please allow me be perfectly clear that this is not a tell-all confession of all the misdeeds that I have done over the years. It is simply an admission about one particular indiscretion.
I wish to confess to anyone who will listen to, and failing that, anyone who will read my brief account of madness concerning one Candice Bean. You will assume I’m a madman and that this confession is a plea for sympathy or for mere bragging rights. My only hope is that no one finds these lurid details to be too sinister that they would deem me as an unreliable source. Make no mistake that what happened to Candice years ago by my terrible hands is indeed true. [more]

Inspired in the mid-90s by the menacing voice used in Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tell-Tale Heart” , “Pieces of Candice” was first completed in late 1998 and revised a few times over the years after that, but was never submitted for publication until 2010.  The story was accepted and published in Madness of the Mind by writer/editor/publisher Chris Bartholomew through her own Static Movement publishing imprint.  As the head writer of Serial Killer Magazine, she knows a thing or three about horror stories and serial killers.  Earlier this year the story was self-published by the author at Smashwords for digital download to computers and a variety of digital readers.


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