Geek-Out: Comic Book Creator Dream Teams (or a.k.a Marvel Comics Reboot)

I have been an avid comic book fan since I was about 12 or 13 years old (1985/86) and although I haven’t been a hardcore collector and only a part-time reader in the last near decade, I still stay informed almost daily (’cause that’s what geeks do). The last five years I’ve mostly read the occasional graphic novel, but have increasingly bought various single issues of whatever series interests me when I go to the LCS (more on those in another post later).

I have always been a “Marvel Zombie”. It started with the Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk comics my dad had when I was in single digits in age. Then, when finally I started buying my own in 85/86, it was Marvel’s Transformers, G.I. Joe and The Uncanny X-Men, Secret Wars II, and at some point I came to acquire a huge box of old Silver and Bronze Age editions of the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men, along with a smattering of others.

A few weeks ago I was having a major geek moment, thinking hard about comic book creator dream teams, particularly for Marvel Comics. Well, in light of the recent news about a restart to the DC Comics superhero line of comics, it seems to be an apt time to share my idea of the perfect team of creators to take over key Marvel books in a perfect world. May as well look at this in ‘reboot’ terms, right?

What I tried to do was think of creators who had never worked on the characters, or failing that, had not covered the characters extensively in their career. Some of these ae kind of obvious, or predictable due to the creator’s body of work. Remember this is specualtion in a perfect world, getting these creators on these books while they’re in their creative prime. Let me know what you think of these creative teams for a Marvel Universe reboot:

(writer and artist teams)
by Warren Ellis and Travis Charest
(or Alan Moore and Travis Charest)
by Frank Miller (story and art)
by Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli

by James Robinson and Arthur “Art” Adams


by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
by Brian Azzarello and David Aja
(or Mike Carey and Jae Lee)

by Alan Moore and Dan Brereton
(or Grant Morrison and Tony Harris)

by Neil Gaiman and Jae Lee
(or Alan Moore and Jae Lee)


by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee
by Frank Miller and John Cassaday
by Gail Simone and Phil Noto
(or Devin K. Grayson and Dustin Nguyen)
by Robert Kirkman and Chris Bachalo
by Brian K. Vaughan and Marc Silvestri
(or Brandon L. Rucker (moi) and Jimmy Cheung)
Honorable Mentions:
Larry Hama on Nick Fury
Geoff Johns on Silver Surfer
Greg Rucka on Black Panther
Frank Miller on The Punisher
Gail Simone on Ms. Marvel
Brian Michael Bendis on Power Man and Iron Fist
Ed Brubaker on Wolverine
And by all means I would manage to find work for Mike Carey, Rick Remender, Allan Heinberg, Matt Fraction, Johnathan Hickman, Jason Aaron, Michael Gaydos, Frank Cho, Steve McNiven, David Finch, Sam Keith, Greg Capullo, Alex Maleev, Adam and Andy Kubert
This has been a Brandon L. Rucker Geek-Out Moment
not exactly brought to you by
Titles and character names are ™ and © 2011 Marvel Characters, Inc.

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