Followup: DC’s Big Fat Reboot

So obviously we all saw that the rumored all-universe reset/reboot at DC Comics is official and will commence in the last week of August with JLA #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. There are plenty of media outlest covering this yesterday and today, so I won’t bother with linkage and such.

But to followup from yesterday when I got a little passionate about it on Twitter, I thought I would copy those tweets here. Just my tweets, no one else’s, but the context is pretty obvious.

From  to:

@jimlee00 Jim, as a loooong time fan of your art and character design work, I want to congratulate you on this historical event. Well played
@jimlee00 PLEASE PLEASE let the WildStorm characters be a part of this DCU reboot, if not in a separate WSU. Rather that than them in limbo!
@brubaker Yep. That’s legendary news. But better late than never (I’m a Marvel zombie so of course I would say that). Great for comics IMO!
@ErikJLarsen Well, that’s overstating the obvious there, Captain Obvious! I’m going against the grain and taking a less cynical route.
@robertliefeld Thanks Rob for going against the typical and all too common cynicism that’s out there. You’ve always been a true enthusiast.
@jasonaaron Quoted for truth. The beard, er, Jason Aaron speaks big truth here. Very sensible statement amid all the irrational ones today.
@ErikJLarsen Yeah they went bellyup in the middle of the comic book boom of the 90s because of one massively produced comic. Exaggerate much?
@ErikJLarsen It’s not hard to do methodically Erik C’mon you’re a hell of a lot smarter than you’re acting right now. Take the emotion out.
@GailSimone Gail, are you excited? Please tell me you are. I want to see the best from you all. Raise the bar that so badly needs raising. Show all these frightened comic book fans that there’s nothing to be afraid of.
from  to comlaining comics fans in general:
Seriously, crying over the number on a publication is really childish and totally misses the point. Number on cover does not equate quality.
Also stop crying about the stories of the past. THEY ALREADY HAPPENED! No one is erasing them from existence, just not writing off of them!
The fear of new ideas and of change is what makes things stale, boring & grossly outdated. Move on. People complain about stasis yet love it.
Comic books’ greatest strength is also their greatest weakness: serialization and the resulting continuity. It anchors, handicaps and also conditions readers to not accept new stories and new ideas and anything that steps outside the status quo, or ignores their precious past.
As a reader you get drawn in by the lure of the serial and the historic continuity. THEN, BOOM, you’re trapped by it just as easily as lured and there’s no satisfactory way out, at least not to your conditioned mind. So when a major even like DCs happens, people scratch and claw kick, scream and fuss because they’re afraid of a shiny new idea that pisses (they would say) all over their childhood memories or whatever.
That’s a sad state of affairs. A sad state to be in. Like a shark I like to keep moving. I like new things. I am not scared off by the new. If it’s not for me then, hey, it’s not for me. But I am not foolish enough to believe that there’s no place or time for new ideas. Nonsense.
Typical comicbook fan “it’s such a slap in the face!” Seriously? If you wanna cling to those old stories no one’s stopping you reading them!
Erik Larsen and I exchanged some more today on Twitter. It was a passionate exchange because we both want the best for the industry, but I think cooler heads prevailed by the end of it.

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