Current Events: Severe Weather

Best wishes (or condolences) to those out there in the plains states and here in the Midwest who are dealing with destruction and tragedy due to the severe weather and tornados that have have ripped through the region in the past few weeks. Moments before writing this from work we had a tornado siren going off nearby after seeing several weather alerts on the dozen TVs we have here in the bullpen.

Naturally, I’m the guy making jokes to take the edge off. I’m not too worried because I’m working in the city and rarely ever do tornadoes touch down in urban areas.

EDIT: Fast storm. Already it’s calm out there again. For now.

RE-EDIT (10:44 PM): Now that I’m home the second wave has moved in and is threatening to hit us in under 15 mins. So, if this is the end…well, goodbye, cruel world!

(radar view has real time tracking)

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