Photos: As Promised…New Wheels

These were shot a week and a half ago when the middle child and I went crusing around on the first truly warm day of May. Shoot, it’s hard to keep your butt at home to save on gas when its nice out and you’ve got a new car.

I still haven’t settled on a name for her. I thought about Onyx, but I dunno. My Ibanez guitar is black and is named Raven. My bass guitar is black as well and is named Ebony. May as well go with Onyx for the black car.

If she were a he, I would go with Obsidian. But the unwritten rule is: men never have male cars. It’s simply against man code protocol.

Anyway, without further ado, I present . . . Onyx!

I always wanted a black car. Finally six cars later I have one!
I’ve always had 4-door sedans, so this is my first ever coupe.
She’s got a nice ass, eh?
I’ve never had alloy wheels, or wheels without covers!
Music control on the steering wheel is nice for a rocker like me!
What’s not pictured are the sweet and super-comfy sport cloth-covered seats with red stitching, metal pedals and red LEDs around the door speakers.
Yeah, I think I love her. 

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  1. What about Brimstone 😉 Nice ride.


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