Artist: Joshua Hooten (Happy Birthday, Bro)

Josh and I have been friends since somewhere around 1985. That makes him one of, if not the oldest friend I have. In late 2006 we finally became metal guitar buddies, an event that was at least 17 years in the making. We wrote two or three dozen songs (with at least another dozen left unfinished) from then until about 2009 with a lot of downtime inbetween.

The Brothers Bald

That project was known as Dichotomous. I recorded demos for about seven of those songs. But after many starts and stops, we’ve had to put our pet projct into an early grave.

But long before he was ever a musician, dude was an artist, and still is, if a bit of a frustrated one (but aren’t we all?). I wanted to celebrate my buddy’s birthday by displaying some of the art he’s got posted up on his Facebook page to honor his special day.


Happy Birthday, brotha from anotha motha!

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