The Weekend Report – Item #2: Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)


This was definitely a success! The eleven year-old stayed behind, so the six year-old and I hit up two stores and came back with a nice stack of books. It’s hard for a geek father to put into words the pride he feels when seeing the joy and excitement of his offspring partaking in a mutual geek rite of passage for the first time.

Yeah, I even took along the family camera to get a picture of her standing in front of the comic racks (in the X-Men section, of course), clutching an armful of comics.  The thing about special moments like these is that they are so fleeting, and pass you by before you even fully realize you’re actually experiencing them. Then as the day comes to an end, you reflect on it and lament that you can never re-live the experience.


Anyway, here’s some of what we came away with —

For the Youngest:


For the Middle Child:
For Daddy:
For All of US
And then we also got a handful of various ones from previous years of the event that they had laying out as well, like AVENGERS, X-MEN/RUNAWAYS, and INVINCIBLE IRON MAN.
Curiously, this year’s offerings seemed to be negligent of offerings for adult females. It seems that if the female is not into what the male or the kids are, then she’s left out. Surely they could have made an old issue of THE SANDMAN available (not that my woman would read it, but still, it’s the principle).
Ah, well. It was a good day nonetheless. Especially when you hear the words “I want more!” from the not-quite-as-interested-at-first eleven year-old. Appears she has quite the jones for more BETTY & VERONICA (w/ ARCHIE) comics. And funny thing was, she had rejected the PEP COMICS issue on first sight (I had gotten it for her on whim; guess I was right).
So it looks like I have two new comic book readers on my hands, which is great because we want to keep their minds stimulated during the upcoming summer break, which is always a feat for parents. Comics will be a suppliment to the program. The  trick will be in trying to convince them to spend their own money on their new hobby.
(*) NOTE: I’m the furthest thing from a fan of Green Lantern (or even most of DC Comics’ superheroes — I am MARVEL zombie for life when it comes to superheroes). But it was FREE and I figured, what the hell. Give it a chance.

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