My Music: Brandon Rucker Scores Liquid Imagination now @ Bandcamp

I’m in the process of moving my music projects over to Bandcamp, due to the clean layout of their pages and their very streamlined digital players (among other reasons).

The Brandon Rucker Scores project is the one that I used for the musical interpretation of the poetry we published at Liquid Imagination online. Micro-songs lasting no more than two and a half minutes (the exception being the nearly epic-length poem “A Chase of Stars”). I used the micro-song option because I didn’t want the music to exceed the length of reading the poem by too much of a margin.

Interpreting someone else’s poetic words along with the graphic imagery we adorn the pages with was definitely a tough assignment for a one-man band, but it was also fun, and I feel like I created some great, simple melodies in the process.

Anyways, I’ll shut my trap and get to the tunes.





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