My New Car: Kia Forte Koup SX

A beauty, ain’t she?
I haven’t taken a picture my actual car yet, so this is a very close representation of her. Bought her last week and ended about two weeks of depression and misery. Cars are like women…when they leave you, when you don’t want them to, it puts you in a real funk. Trust me, this is my sixth car in 20 years, and none of those previous five left at a time when I wanted them to, so I’ve had my fair share of car heartbreak.
She sure is a beauty!


  1. Erwin says:

    Wooh! That's sexy! I love its trim man! What do you mean it left you? Did it give up on you that easy?Erwin Calverley


  2. Nah, the “left me” part was about my old Grand Am, which led to the reason I had to get the Forte. The Forte has been great. My goal is to someday upgrade to an Optima. Those sedans are beautiful, sexy and just all-around perfect!


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