New Music: "Benediction" by Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth)

This has come to my attention a little late. Guitarist/vocalist Thurston Moore (he of the legendary Sonic Youth) goes the ‘singer-songwriter’ route on his forthcoming new solo album Demolished Thoughts (produced by Beck and due May 24, 2011). The song below is the album’s acoustic opener called “Benediction” and it’s a beauty. Reminds me of the Sonic Youth acoustic opener song “Winter’s Blues” from the album Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star (1994)…but mellower. And much better. Check it out.

Also, it was the song of the day over on NPR.

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Brandon L. Rucker

Brandon L. Rucker is a musician and writer of fiction, nonfiction and journalism. Armed with grammar and diction, plus an uncanny sense of rhythm and melody, he is at-large and potentially dangerous. Be wary.

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