Update: Busy Body

Been writin’.

And brainstorming.

And discussing things with other independent writers.

Planning big plans.

Things are afoot…plans for the independent writer to maximize his or her options.

A lot of new ideas and thinking a bit outside the box. But none of it will be easy and it will require hard work and great patience. The hard work I’ve got covered. Patience, not so much. But we will see.

Lost sleep last night finishing up a story for an anthology. Should know whether it’s accepted or not in a day or so. Not overly confident I wrote it as best as I could since I didn’t keep it (well, the new second half of it) to myself for days/weeks/months.

Battle of the bands will return in a day or two as I move toward the big finish. That’s more time consuming than what should be legal. But it’s fun. Good geeky fun.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


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