Closing Time & Nite-Nite Music: Misanthropy and Eden

After reading a bit of news from different parts of the world this evening while relaxing after work, I’m feeling a bit misanthropic, sad to say. I know that evil is the natural opposite of love and plays an equalizing role in the balance of the universe. Yet, being fully aware of this fact, and even accepting of it, that does not make evil any more tolerable. Misanthropy goes against my very nature as a person, but, hey, I’m merely human. Isn’t that the same line that excuses the evil persons in the world?

I have more writing to do tonight. I’ll be fine.

Think fondly of your loved ones tonight. Pull those close to you nearer for a warm embrace. Sleep well and awake even better.

I leave you with a little nite-nite music: “Eden” (live) – one of my favorite songs by the Belgian band Hooverphonic.

Taken from a 2005 show in Belgium that I recently stumbled upon.

Beautiful photography.

Beautiful Theatre.

Beautiful Geike Arnaert.

Beautiful song.

Though not as beautiful as the original studio version:

Good night.


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