Update: The Week That Was/The Weekend That Will Be

Got a few things to get to today yet. Some of this is a few days old as I have been focused on my Battle of the Bands Tournament the last few days (and unfortunately I can’t access this blog on my PC at work). So, on with it…

First up: Captain America: The First Avenger full trailer has been released and it is a must see. Probably the most anticipated blockbuster for me this year (since the next Underworld film has been pushed back to January 2012). Check it out below.

Also, another preview worth checking out is for Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. This scene is actually the first five minutes of the film. Make sure you stay tuned in til the end of the scene because it’s pretty explosive what happens.

Obligatory Warren Ellis update: Wired magazine has a nice write up on Ellis and the documentary film, Captured Ghosts about him that’s pretty cool. There’s even a new trailer in the article. Check it out here.

This weekend, like any other, during the times I’m not hanging out with the fam, I will be busy on this here laptop working on various things.

  • There’s that aforementioned Battle of the Bands Tournament that’s been happening on this here blog this week (gonna finish the first round this weekend to wittle the field down by half to 32). Bands moving on to the Second Round (so far): The Cure, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Matthews Band, Live, Pear Jam, Ben Folds Five, Metallica, Death, Slayer, and Megadeth.
  • I have new submissions from a couple of writers looking to get into my Local Heroes anthology. So I will be reading those with high hopes of adding to the table of contents. I’m barely over the half-way mark of getting this baby filled. With any luck it will be published this summer (by Chris Bartholomew’s Static Movement imprint).
  • There are stories of my own to be edited and spit-shine-polished for submission to editors, as well as for my self-publishing endeavors over at Smashwords. In a week or so I will publish a new story from The Vault, followed by another the following week, probably. That means I have cover design work to do. The first story is a tragic romance, so I will need to design something that conveys that aspect. Not being cheesy will not be easy, I’m afraid.

I fear that musically this year will be a wash for me because I have so much writing going on. I haven’t touched a guitar in a couple of weeks now.

Battle of the Bands Tournament continues later today. Part 2 of the Extreme Metal Region. Perhaps the most competitive region on my bracket.

No Friday Music Flashback for a bit. There will be plenty of music, past and present, featured in the tourney over the next two weeks.


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