In the Spirit of the NCAA Tournament . . .

So in the spirit of March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournament, I’ve been dreaming up my own personal little musically-themed tournament. Specifically, a Battle of the Bands (i.e. my favorite bands) tournament. 64 bands (or perahps more if I have a ‘play-in’ round) divided into four genre sections and judged subjectively by me according to a couple of different criteria. This is certainly an activity that only a certified music geek such as myself would undertake. The hardest part so far has been figuring out the seeding, but I now have a solid method for that. The other difficult part has been deciding on the genres. So far I tentatively have have the following divisions:

General & Alt-Rock
Indie Rock & Post-Punk
Hard Rock & Metal
Extreme Metal

As a subjective “battle” or “contest” between favorites, this will largely lean toward bands that either had a major influence on me as a musician, and/or have gotten a lot of play by me as a music fanatic over the last three decades.

I know. Yes, I have a strange pre-occupation with music, but I can’t help it as I was born this way. My mother has memories of me being infected with the music bug as early as two years old. It’s my parent’s fault, they both always had music on either at home or in the car. Add that with the innate, pre-disposition for music that I was born with and, well, let’s just say that sometimes we are destined to do certain things, or be a certain way. But I’m okay. Music is sustenance for my soul.

NOTE: This will indeed be made up of all bands. I may do another one later for solo artists, perhaps to coincide with the NBA Playoffs that begin in late April.

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