Friday Flashback: 1987 – The Fellas

It’s that’s time again, kids. That time to take a trip down memory lane with music from the past. Picked completely random, this week it’s the year 1987. Also picked randomly are the featured songs, which I grabbed as they sprung to mind while I remembered that particular year. Now that I think about 1987, I remember that it was kind of a big deal because that summer we got cable again and I was reunited with MTV after having gone without it since the Fall of ’85. In other words that meant–tape trading with friends aside–I had to rely solely on that old advent called the radio to get my music fix for nearly two years. That was rough, as music stations in Indianapolis weren’t exactly progressive or all-encompassing in their programming (although I can’t think of any outside of New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles that were/are).

Anyways, without further ado, let’s take it back to 1987, when I was 13/14 and still far removed from the Soul/R&B and hip-hop kid that I started out as, and very much immersed in the rock and pop music at the time.  First up: the fellas (because I think lovely ladies make better closers).

Def Leppard – “Women”

Prince – “Sign o’ the Times”
Great White – “Rock Me”
New Order – “True Faith”

Whitesnake – “Still of the Night”

Omitted is “Strangelove” by Depeche Mode for DRM reasons.

Next up, the ladies of 1987.


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