Geek Moment: Mass Effect Characters Video

This video of all my beloved Mass Effect (the best ever role playing videogame series) characters is so freaking awesome! The only problem with this person’s version is the female Commander Shepard. My primary Shepherd character, the paragon, is male (i.e. the default Shepard modeled on voice fashion model Mark Vanderloo). However, my renegade is female…and chocolate. Still, this is neat.

 UPDATED: 3/11/2010
And then there’s this pretty cool movie-like Mass Effect 2 trailer. The videogame industry is a fast-moving, almost ADD industry. The fact that gamers are still obsessed with this 14-month old game is a testament to its complete and utter awesomeness. Me, I still cannot express in mere words how much I love Mass Effect (especially the second installment). Much more than a mere videogame experience, considering its role-playing nature. It appeals so greatly to that sci-fi geek kid in me who loved Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactic, Buck Rogers, Aliens, Transformers and Robotech. When the third chapter comes out this Fall, my calendar will be cleared.


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