DVD: Radiohead for Haiti – Live in L.A.

As I was researching news about Radiohead (the greatest rock band from Oxford) and their new album, The King of Limbs (more on that later), I came across this wonderful DVD of their live performance from January 2010 – Radiohead for Haiti, a live benefit show in Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful package with an even better set list, some 24 songs, none of which I can complain about having been included. I must own it at some point.

But last night I could not help from watching a bit of the performance on You Tube into the wee hours of the night. I still haven’t seen them live in person, but I’ve seen them live on TV a bit, and it’s always an inspiring performance. If you’re a musician, how can you not be compelled to grab your own guitar, or sit down at your own keyboard/piano/Rhodes/Wurlitzer or drum kit and rock out?

The timing of this and their new album is perfect, as I am currently recharging my own musical batteries in preparation for some studio time this Spring to produce some all-new music of my own (more on that later as well).

Anyways, order the DVD and donate money for Haiti, if you are so inclined.

In not, well, may as well treat yourself to a nice concert:


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