A Point About Theological Beliefs and Atheism

Not sure how many friends I’ll make with this, but here goes anyway. On the Piers Morgan Tonight show commedian Ricky Gervais was taken to task for what might be misconstrued as an attack of religion when he jokingly (though truthfully) stated at the Golden Globes that he was an atheist. I found his explanation to be very sensible (there’s that word again) and rather on-point about the controversy that arises from religion in the world. In the interview embedded below, he said, “[As an atheist] I don’t get offended when someone thanks god.” The rest of that which he didn’t say (and didn’t need to) was: So why would someone who does believe in god be offended that I do not share that belief?

I think the best point he makes is that religion does not own a monopoly on “good”. You can be a good person without a belief in a higher power. That should go without saying, but, you know, some people aren’t as enlightened. I personally have a problem with the exclusiveness and divisiveness of religion, I think we have enough things to divide us as a people, why add the origin (and ultimately the destiny) of the human race to that list of hurtful, harmful things?  Well, that’s a discussion for a completely different blog, I suppose.

For now, I present Mr. Gervais’ thoughts on the subject.


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