Parody: Liquid Imagination – The Movie

I’ve been wanting to cast those of us on staff @ Liquid Imagination online for a year now. Finally getting to it.  So, without further ado, your starring cast of…

Liquid Imagination:
The Movie

– A Karl Rademacher production –

– Written, Directed, Shot, Edited & Scored by Brandon Rucker –

John “JAM” Arthur Miller
Played by Woody Harrelson

Casting Note: Because, like JAM, he can be fun goofball, but as we recently saw in “The Messenger” he can be real serious too (and completely bald). Maybe not quite as cerebral as JAM, but I think Woody could nail that emotional range. [Shaved head mandatory]

Sue Babcock

Played by Jane Lynch

Casting Note: I used to have British Dame Helen Mirren here cause Sue’s a total dame. I don’t watch Glee, but just look at Jane Lynch, she’s totally natural to pull off the illustrious Sue Babcock. I know what you’re thinkng, a gay woman playing straight-laced Sue, but I like to challenge my actors.

AJ Brown

Played by Stephen Dorff

Casting Note: AJ’s a man of action, and Dorff has done his share of action roles, most notably in Blade. Plus, somebody’s gotta play the tough guy in this movie.

Kevin Wallis

Played by Ashton Kutcher

Casting Note: This one’s less about likeness of appearance and more about getting the role right. I think only Kutcher could pull of Wallis’s unique, zaniness and flippant attitude and then be equally serious. Plus Wallis is a big ol’ kid at heart, like Kutcher. Can he nail that Wallisian temper though? Hmm.

Chrissy Davis

Played by Emily Procter (*)

Casting Note: I know Chrissy’s a California girl through and through, but there’s some some southern belle charm rolled up in there. This North Carolinian actress of CSI Miami fame gets the part. Love that accent. (Love her, but that’s a totally different movie altogether) (* Chrissy is no longer a blonde, but still) Brandon L. Rucker

Played by Darius Rucker

Casting Note: Because it’s just so easy, the similarities, hell, the family name alone. Still need to find out if we’re distant cousins, 12 times removed or some such.

Bob Eccles

Played by Richard Gere

Casting Note: I like the resemblance here, although Gere can’t nail that awesome voice that Bob has. But I’m good with this pick.

Jack S. Rogers

Played by Mickey Rourke

Casting Note: I have talked to Jack Rogers on the phone and the thing you immediately notice about him is dude has killer intelligence and dude is DEEP. Deceptively, Rourke has that too, but the main thing is he’s the only cool actor I can think of cool enough to play Jack.

Director’s Note: Naturally, I’ll be pushing for an ‘R’ rating for this movie, with the option for an Unrated Director’s Cut version on DVD with a ton of extras. Hell, the gag reel with Wallis alone is nothing short of NC-17!


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