Gadget: The Nook Color

So, last week some friends of ours, a couple, were selling us hard on the Nook (from Barnes and Noble Booksellers), which has us reconsidering the Kindle. Now, another couple we’re friends with is selling us hard on the recently released Nook Color. Naturally I do my research for the pros and cons before being ‘sold’ on anything. I just read an in-depth review on Engadget and, Well…

…this here e-reader/tablet (which uses Android software) is probably the one we will get next Spring. Well, two, which will be $500. We’ve decided against the Kindle, and haven’t gotten around to the Samsung Galaxy or Sony’s reader yet. We love Barnes & Nobles, as we make a lot of trips there for bargain books. Their 14-day LendMe feature for the Nook is a neat thing since we have a few friends who have Nooks.

If you’re considering an e-reader or tablet, take a look at the Nook Color in this video review:


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