Liquid Imagination #8 is LIVE

All-new Winter 2011 issue of Liquid Imagination is now LIVE!Lotsa goodies in issue #8. First there’s the stuff in which I was directly involved.For starters, there’s the debut of Liquid Imagination’s microfiction feature edited by yours truly, featuring seven ultra-short pieces of fiction that hit you early and often. This is lovingly commemorated with our … Continue reading Liquid Imagination #8 is LIVE


Brandon Rucker Scores Liquid Imagination… now on Faceook. Liquid Imagination Online magazine is the brainchild of John Arthur Miller, Sue Babcock, Kevin Wallis, Chrissy Davis, Bob Eccles, Jack Rogers and yours truly. The all-new Winter Issue is forthcoming next week. Until then, let the music play.Facebook: Brandon Rucker Scores Liquid Imagination

I’ve Come to Like Rachel Maddow

After the few times I have watched her, I have come to find Rachel Maddow (along with Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Lou Dobbs) to be a rather sensible and rational option as an opinionated talking head in the political media. I only dabble in this stuff occasionally, and I personally prefer optimism over pessimism, … Continue reading I’ve Come to Like Rachel Maddow

The Big 4 Show Arrives in the U.S.

It's about time this tour show comes to the United States! Unforutnately it's for one night only in California? I'll have to simply enjoy the DVD set from European tour version from last summer. :-(

CAUSE: Buy a Book, Help a Kid

Author buddy Steve Lowe has a great new cause and he's calling for our participation in it. Read about it here at his blog:

A Point About Theological Beliefs and Atheism

Not sure how many friends I'll make with this, but here goes anyway. On the Piers Morgan Tonight show commedian Ricky Gervais was taken to task for what might be misconstrued as an attack of religion when he jokingly (though truthfully) stated at the Golden Globes that he was an atheist. I found his explanation to … Continue reading A Point About Theological Beliefs and Atheism