Quick Update – Good News Is forthcoming!

When I’m busy creatively I get bad about updating such things. I also like to not report on things until they are official.

That said, I’ve been doing a lot of writing as I’ve gone insane with creativity. And so keeping up the theme that began at the start of fall with the release of my first solo CD, I have managed to accomplish a couple of things other things of note before year’s end. I am no longer the creative hermit I’ve been the past few years, especially in terms of writing fiction and poetry.

And speaking of poetry, I just had two poems (a term I use lightly as I do not profess to be a bona fide poet) accepted for publication. It’s a print edition of a fine speculative fiction e-zine. I’ll announce the title and additional info in a few days.

Music wise, something else is on the horizon, but can’t divulge the details just yet. But I’ll just say that I will be providing my musical talents to a certain speculative fiction e-zine to be named later. It’s a cool project that will keep me busy muscially all next year with a steady output of compositions to integrate with…[classified]. I’ll announce more on this soon.

Another update with more revealing details soon to come.


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